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Launch of Better Medical

Better Medical is a group of six local family medical practices in the Adelaide Hills that have joined together with an objective of achieving the best standard of health in the communities we service.

In doing so, our vision is to develop into one of the leading providers of high quality primary health care in Australia.


Local & Collaborative

Each clinic in our group is a long-standing and valued institution in its local community, with several clinics operating for well over 80 years.

We are absolutely committed to maintaining the local community feel and standing of each clinic.  We see this as an essential part of being a trusted family medical centre. We always aim to hire doctors and staff locally and regularly engage in local charity and community events.

Notwithstanding our strong local focus, we believe there are also many benefits that a broader collection of medical clinics can provide, including

  • Clinical collaboration;
  • Implementation of group wide preventative health initiatives; and
  • Adoption of high quality health technology.


Presently, our clinics include:


Our Values

The doctors and staff at Better Medical are high quality health professionals who are determined to provide a Better level of care to all our patients.  This is underscored by our name, as well our motto:

“We Care to Be Better”

To us, this means striving daily to achieve Better patient health by always seeking to be Better than ourselves and our peers.  It is our hope that this approach will allow us to create a name synonymous with the highest quality service, care and professionals in primary care.

To achieve this, the model of careful and considered consultations from high calibre GPs will be the cornerstone of our group, as we believe this results in a substantially higher level of care than high-volume, repetitive bulk-billed consults. This approach will be supported by our indispensable and skilled nursing team, together with our dedicated administration and reception staff.


Focus Areas

To deliver on our objectives and vision, we will focus on the following key areas:

  • Patients
    • Superior service
    • Broader health management & co-ordination
  • Local
    • Local and familiar team
    • Strong community involvement
  • Excellence
    • Unwavering focus on being Better
    • Better outcomes for patients
  • Prevention
    • Develop and promote preventative health initiatives
    • Strong partnerships with other like-minded health providers
  • Innovation
    • Culture of health innovation
    • Adoption of health technology


What Next?

We encourage you to take your health and the health of your family seriously. The Better Medical team would love to be your health partner, not just when things go wrong but also to improve your general health and well-being, starting now.

For the less proactive, we can undertake several unique but simple tests that other clinics do not provide and set you on the path to monitoring and improving your health.

For those who more proactive, we would love the opportunity to develop a comprehensive health plan for you under the supervision of a doctor.

Either way, we encourage you to contact us today.  The potential cost of inaction is much greater than the cost of acting!